Organic ground infill is produced in order to create less toxic synthetic turf fields with 100% organic materials. The sports system of synthetic turf field with 3dkaucuk organic ground infill has FIFA certification. Hereby, 3dkaucuk is the only producer in Turkey while we are one of the three producers in the world.

Organic ground infill by 3dkaucuk has no reverse effects with regards to human health and is 100% environmentally friendly due to its organic nature; whereas, SBR granules used in the standard synthetic turf fields were banned in most of the European countries because of their carcinogenic effect.

Organic ground infill used in the synthetic turf fields has many advantages in terms of athletes. Dispersion of the pressure in the body is balanced on the organic ground infill synthetic turfs due to its resemblance to the soil ground. Despite of this resemblance, ground has a very low sludging tendency under heavy and intensive rainfall and does not cause any performance loss. In contradistinction to other synthetic turf fields, organic ground infill has high water retention capacity, by this way, it provides cooling of the sports ground in high temperatures. That stems from the fibrous nature of the infill product and water holding ability. Therefore, the water kept inside the infill product evaporates with a high atmospheric temperature and provides cooling of the ground surface despite high temperatures.

Properties of Organic Ground Infill;

  • 100% organic infill material
  • Not carcinogenic
  • No reverse effects with regards to human health
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Renewable source
  • Shock-absorbing ability
  • Provides pressure dispersion in the body of the user
  • No chemical accumulation in the body via inhalation or contact
  • No sludging tendency under heavy rainfall
  • Water retention capacity
  • Provides cooling on the surface of the ground in high temperatures
  • FIFA certification of synthetic turf field system with organic ground infill

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