* The photo of the product layer you have seen was obtained from the original section of the applied product.

Full System

Full system is a professional tartan system which is obtained by 3 layers of SBR and EPDM granules bound by single component binder and applied on primer bottom layer. The system is recommended for international sports events and competitions. Full system is convenient to be used with spiked shoes. It is an endurable, long-lasting professional system which is resistant against all seasonal changes. Sandwich system is water-impermeable and has a high shock-absorbance. IAAF certification for this tartan system can be acquired.

Properties of Full Tartan System;
  • Recommended for international sports events
  • Professional tartan system
  • Water-impermeable
  • Convenient to be used with spiked shoes
  • 13-16 mm system thickness
  • Anti-slippery granulated surface
  • Long-lasting
  • Resistant against perforation
  • Variable color options
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